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Established in

Opened October 3, 1960, the Paul Armagnac Circuit of Nogaro was the first permanent circuit in France.


The total length of the circuit is 3636m since 1989. The straight line of the aerodrome is 1km.


The two Nogaro Clubs (Association Sportive Automobile / Motorcycle Armagnac Bigorre; ASAAB and ASMAB) have over 1600 members, making them among largest motorsport clubs in France.


This is the number of turns of the circuit (5 on the left and 9 on the right) but also the width of the track since 1987.

possible configurations

Due to its layout, the circuit can have 3 possible track configurations.

The circuit is followed by more than 27,700 followers on social networks: 24,159 on Facebook, 2,324 on Instagram and 1,246 on Twitter.

6600 m² of covered buildings

The new pits complex building built in 2007, offers26 spacious boxes 7m by 15m. In total, the covered area of the building is 6600m2.

Track Record

The lap record, set in 1991, is held by Alessandro Zanardi (Italian) in a Reynard F3000 in 1m20.160s.

Over 300 days of use

The circuit is used for 300 days each year (in addition to the annual closure, the remaining days are reserved for work and maintenance).

+ de 300 000 visitors per year

The circuit, open all year, provides receives over 300 000 visitors (races included).