Foire aux Questions

General information :

Can I come to the circuit at any time of the year ?

The circuit is open daily from 8:30 am to 6 pm (extended hours during races)and entry is free except for the chargeable races and the annual closure of the circuit (Christmas period). In case of exceptional closures, information will be posted on the circuit website and on social media.

Can I bring a dog to the circuit ?

Pets are allowed in the paddock provided they are on a lead. However they are forbidden in the pits and the pit lane.

Can I buy refreshments on site ?

Box 27: the circuit cafeteria is located near the red tower. It is open during events, private testing, club days and by reservation.

For major events, several additional options are available:

Panoramic restaurant: The Caterer “Alain Tarbes” offers self- service or a table service gourmet menu

Several vendors set up stalls in various locations around the circuit: main entrance, red tower, the far end of the paddock (Caupenne side) entrance of the pedestrian tunnel, P8

Are there toilets inside the circuit ?

Toilet facilities are located around the circuit: pit complex building, Box 27 cafeteria, main entrance, west paddock, old stands, P8

How can I get around the circuit ?

Movement inside the circuit is on foot. No unauthorised vehicles are allowed inside the circuit. Parking is available at the entrance to the circuit. For major events there is a courtesy shuttle that runs around the entire circuit from one end to the other.

Where can I stay ?

Here is a list of accommodation near Nogaro.

Ticketing :

What are the chargeable events during the year ?

Every year there are between 4 and 6 events that are chargeable: Easter Cup, French Superbike Championship, Nogaro Grand Prix and Truck Grand Prix. In addition to these four dates, the following may also chargeable: Drift French Championship and/ or the Classic Festival, see the website or social media for details. All other races on the calendar are free.

Are there different types of tickets ?

Yes, there are tickets giving access to distinct parts of the circuit:

General Entrance: gives access to the terraces and paddock

VIP entry: gives access to the terraces, paddock and the balcony overlooking the pits

VIP pack: gives access to the terraces, paddock and the balcony overlooking the pits, a gourmet meal in the VIP Hall, and access to the grid walk (before the start of the main event), VIP parking inside the circuit is included.

What are the ticket prices ?

Each event has its own fee schedule. Before each chargeable event, the rates are published on the website, social media and partners’ networks.

Where can I buy my tickets ?

Tickets are available for sale at our retail partners: Auchan, Leclerc, Carrefour, Fnac; on the Internet:,, and at the circuit office before the event, at the ticket office during the event.

Are there any concessionary rates ?
The following concessionary rates are available:

Free entrance for children under 12 and disabled to + 80% (presentation of card)

Reduced rates for children aged 12 to 18, students (presentation of card), disabled – 80%, RSA beneficiaries and job-seekers (presentation of receipts).

Access and Parking :

How to get to the circuit ?

Access to the circuit is only by car. Visit the access map to plan your itinerary.

Where can I park during the events ?

The circuit has many level parking areas around the circuit. They are all FREE.

Is there a space reserved for motorhomes ?

Level parking is available for motorhomes. However, the number of places is limited and this area does not have a drainage system, nor is there access to water or electricity.

Is camping available ?

Camping around the circuit is allowed as long as no damage is done. However there are no sanitary facilities in these areas.

Can people with reduced mobility come to the circuit ?

The circuit facilities enable disabled people to move and see the races without problems. Access to the Circuit office is facilitated by a ramp, the balcony above the pits is serviced by a lift and access to various spectator bankings is possible.

Driving courses :

What are the different driving courses ?

Details of all our driving courses are here. Clio 3 RS, Clio 2 V6, Mégane RS, Formula Renault, Formula Campus, F2000 Two-Seater; there are many options and they are suitable for all levels of experience.

What are the different ways to access to the track ?

– Rent circuit privately

– Participate in a club day (car or bike) catering for drivers or riders of all levels of experience.

– Participate in a day driving course: several offers exist, as a passenger up to a competition driving module.

Can I drive my own car on the track ?

Yes, during driving courses, it is possible to drive your own car. However, do not forget an observer will always be at your side to advise you.